Sock Dart “Mulberry”


Do I need to introduce the Nike Sock Dart? Possibly yes, because there will be always people who will be late or they don’t know about the release…

If you know me, if you follow me on Instagram then you should¬†know… I have a real crush with these sneakers, my collection is growing and I got my 6th pair… This beautiful Sock Dart Fleece “Mulberry”

This attractive spot was perfect for a shoot, I had died from cold, I almost died several times with the wind which slapped me. I am still excited and very fan of shape, very comfort,¬†light, atypical, such sexy and always with a furious modernity in the design…! Toebox perforated, black on the part around the ankle and completed by a white midsole.

For 2016 there will be a “Triple Black” version, or even a version of “Cargo Khaki” and it’s beige speckled midsole. I am ready… Be ready also.

Stay tuned!!

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