Who Am I ?

You might not know her face, but you sure know her name. A name she chose after seing the movie “Marock”, where she instantly fell in love with the way LalaRita sounded to her ear. And the fact that Lala means “princess” in Arabic achieved to convince her, even though she doesn’t consider herself one.

Talking about falling in love, she became a sneakeraddict 5 years ago, because of (or thanks to?) her brother. A truly passionate collector, who has been stocking hundreds of Grails in a secret storage for 15 years – and yes, everybody ask her where is this heaven on Earth and no, she wont tell.

Used to live surrounded by soles and laces, she wont call herself a sneakerhead though. Even if she could talk about kicks for hours, even if she always feels the same shiver everytime she opens a new box. But quality remains key: she pays attention to every detail, just like she does when she takes pictures for her massively followed Instagram account.

And this is with the same requirement that she is now running her own website. A place for sneaker lovers only, where you can safely buy some of the hottest and rarest pairs released. And make no mistake: Lala wont show her face on this pages. Simply because she already knows you wont be able to take your eyes off of her feet.