Air Max 1 “Gold”


Welcome in my collection my sexy pair…! Air Max one “Gold”.

It’s was in January that I spotted the pair, they were limited edition, and it’s been a very long time I want and looking for a pair “Gold” color on a 1987 silhouette. I did it! But before the purchase, I hesitated two or three times, I wondered if the pair was going to be so much beautiful as the picture (…) right now I can say it’s a without fail!

The are such beautiful. I love them, I don’t regret… I have not yet had the opportunity to wear them, just while the shooting, I am waiting sunny days to enjoy them. I wear a dress and my legs are still tanned, but it’s not the summer, it’s very cold in Paris, it’s February and winter… I died (cold) many times during the shooting but no matter, I am proud of the result.

I am glad of this limited edition, it’s “Gold”.

See you soon for news adventures!

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