Abu Dhabi: Adidas EQT


Dear, Abu Dhabi!

To sharing this place with friends and family that come to visit. I always say it’s only after people come here that they can actually understand what life here is like. I am really in love with this peaceful place and that’s was the first time for me.

The average maximum daytime temperature in Abu Dhabi in August is a very hot 41°C (106°F) with extreme heat & humidity. So, we need understand with these conditions it’s difficult while the shooting and more cause I wear “Abaya“*

Amazing! Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, amazing view, amazing place. Everything is the maximum for the eyes. And I know only one thing, my photographer is the best… these photos have not been retouched, they are natural.

On my feet, my lovely pair EQT, perfect matching with my “Abaya“*

* (Arabic) a loose black robe from head to toe, traditionally worn by Muslim women.

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