Dubai: Flyknit Racer


Dubai is my lover. I repeat, dubai is my lover. I repeat, dubai is… STOP.

I really enjoy my time in this huge, awesome, beautiful, crazy city for to do some pics with my sneakers.

In August in Dubai it’s like an ice cube under the sun. Very hot weather, it’s around 50 degrees (122°F) but it’s okay after a few days it’s normal, I swear or almost.

The day of my shoot with my talented photographer and I, we had so thirsty, and even the hot day I prefer to wear the jeans with sneakers. That’s not appear on the pics… believe me every shooting it’s very hard. But everything in Dubai is a worth a photo!

That day, I prefered to wear the Nike Flyknit racer, very comfortable and light for my feet and I learned to skateboard, that’s was funny  and easy.

To be continued…

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