Puma Disc

imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageDear Sophia Chang, I love your pair, your white Puma Disc Blaze but this color is difficult to wear in terms of security for the feet! White is very messy, especially that the day of the shooting, I forgot to protect the pair of Puma with the product! I wanted to die, they were dirty.

Anyway, we can speak about the pair now? The pair was taken in the most beautiful city of the world and in front of  Eiffel Tower, ok I stop it… Seriously, I like sneakers without laces, and I have also possession the color black. They were very quickly sold oud… Am lucky.

I feel good in these sneakers. I particularly like wearing sneakers tightened, and it is easily adjustable by turning the button of closure/opening. One thing is on, I would not put them very often because I want to keep them for a long time in my collection and to give them a good life and and a for a long time.

Ah! And when I am gone back home, I cleaned them, I have the smile and I breathe better.

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