Adidas ZX FLUX ✔️


Everyone has secrets and Paris is full of places where to purchase beautiful pairs. But to jump in my Mini Cooper, and go fast at Adidas store of Champs Elysees is not a secret. ZX FLUX… I was crazy. I already have a pair of Adidas lying around at home but these…

These sneakers are fantastic and almost magical, I can walk in the streets without worrying about whether people will walk on my feet … Hum okay, a bit. The synthetic material of sneaker is nice, you can eat a hot dog in front of me that I should not fear the ketchup falls on my ZX, as I can also jump into water puddles.

The day of the shooting photo, it rained hard, holy shit! and I had not protected my sneakers with a certain product of the name Crep Protect and it was neat. Any problem. Anyway… I am dig.

Photographer: IG @alexpenfornis

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